About Us

Formed in 2017, Life of Anime is a store that is dedicated to making a positive change for more people to enjoy anime. We’ve watched with partial-amazement at how people go so far in life to show their support for different shows and buying different cosplay costumes to show off their creativity and love for their favorite characters.

Instead of watching people struggle to find the right costume or accessories they always wanted, we wanted to try building a community for the fans. We strongly believe that anime fans are one of the most loyal and die-hard fans out there and love expressing their opinions and their style when gathering for conventions or fan meet ups! We feel that our mission is to be a brand for the people and to help support as many anime fans as we can; with Life of Anime, you can concentrate on enjoying your shows and being able to have peace of mind when preparing for conventions or getting merchandise.

Ever since we got started, we’ve been looking to expand our collection and bring more possibilities to the table.From action figures and keychains to whole costumes that you could wear to conventions, we go the extra mile to find exactly what you are looking for because we are tired of anime not being accepted by society and believe that everyone deserves a chance to express their likings and hobbies.

That's been our aim since day one, and we don't intend on changing that anytime soon. Anime is our passion.

Making A Positive Change

Since our launch, our aim at Life of Anime has been to be the most customer-centric that we possibly can be. We look closely at how our customers shop and what they like (and what they don’t) and adjust accordingly. We are set up by people who care, who want to make a living for themselves and who really want to push things to the next level in a sartorial sense.

That, though, isn’t the end of it...

Proceeds from every sale go toward a non-profitable charity named "Anime For Humanity. Be believe strongly in their purpose and directly and donate to their cause with your help. Their purpose is helping and giving hope to people struggling from mental illnesses with the help of Anime. 

Especially in this day and age, man people struggle severely and the Anime community is strongly effected by this as well so we thought about giving back to be able to help people that are in need.

There are only handfuls of people in the world that make big jumps to try to help people that are struggling and we thought that it would be only right to help everyone in the Anime community. It's time to not only bring you the collectibles and merchandise but also help people that can't enjoy Anime because of mental illnesses too.