Giving Back To The Community

Ever since we got started, the team at Life Of Anime have had one eye on our profit margins. Why? It’s not purely because we want to do well for ourselves, but for the people we look to help, protect and look after. Our social mission, then, is to donate a portion from every purchase to a non-profitable charity named "Anime For Humanity".

Depression and mental illness is a modern issue and one that has been affecting humanity for so long. Medical experts the world-round fight it constantly and do all they can to stem the flow, but so many lifestyle and environmental decisions lead to the problem creating a stalemate.

We want to do our bit. We will be donating a chunk of our profits to Anime For Humanity. The owner of Life Of Anime, Ben, has a personal reasoning for doing so but in reality we just want to help out. If you are serious about giving mental illness the kick in the ass it deserves, let us sustain and succeed in our long-term goal to help allow people to enjoy anime shows and merchandise.

If you would like to know more about the ongoing social mission of Life Of Anime, then contact us today. We’ll be more than happy to fill you in further.